Auberge d’Anjou, built in 1917, near the wharf in Petit-Rocher by J. Thomas d’Anjou and his wife Pamela, is the first hotel of this picturesque village on the Acadian Coastal Drive in New Brunswick. Well known for the hospitality it offered, Auberge d’Anjou was a favourite amongst tired and weary travellers. It also served as a gathering place for locals who came to chat and play auction 45, our Acadian ancestor’s favourite game. In 1967, the building is transformed into a private family summer resort. In 1994, Auberge d’Anjou comes back to life and recreates, as close as possible, the unique atmosphere that contributed to its charm which is a legacy from our Acadian ancestors, while responding to the actual security standards. Just like in that bygone era, a warm welcome, courteous service and delicious food will help make your stay in Petit-Rocher unforgettable. The name of our bed and breakfast « Auberge d’Anjou » is to pay tribute to its first owners.

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  • De la route principale

    Front, as seen from route 134 (rue Principale)

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  • Festival

    This photo represents the main event of the annual festival held on the second weekend of July. The event consist of crossing the Bay of Chaleur, from Bonaventure to Petit-Rocher with row both, team of five, men or women.

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  • Train station

    This newly erected train station is ideal for people wishing to travel by train and wait for somebody to pick them up, or waiting to take the train to their next destination. We provide the service to and from the station to the Auberge at no cost.

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  • Mining Museum

    This museum is representing the main industry in the area, mining. It simulates the underground work done in the mine on a daily basis and display a variety of rocks, interesting for people wishing to upgrate their knowledge in that field.

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  • How to find us

    This map shows how close the Auberge is from the wharf and the water. 5 minutes walk brings you there where, depending on the season, you may go for a boat ride, do maquerel fishing or event have a good talk with fishermen. Lobster season is from May 1st to June 30.

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